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Hunting in Sologne


09.06.22 Game fair 2022 L'oiseau moqueur sera présent pour la 40ème édition du Game Fair !
16.12.21 Noël s'invite sur le Domaine et dans notre pavillon de chasse Nous souhaitons à tous les chasseurs qui suivent notre page et nos clients d'agréables fêtes de fin d'année
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Discover the pleasures of hunting and nature in a family estate located in the heart of Sologne.

Hunting in Sologne

The Domaine des Roujoux is an essential place for a hunting trip in Sologne. You will discover 500 hectares and 2 large ponds on which you will encounter very high quality game: pheasants, gray and red partridges, ducks, wild boars, deer, hares... and even woodcocks and pigeons in season!

With a fabulous biotope and varied game cultures, our territory will offer you memorable hunting parties, whether hunting “in front of you” or beaten.


To fully enjoy your experience, you will be welcomed in very comfortable Solognote hunting lodges and you will enjoy traditional meals cooked on site.