sologne hunting weekend

sologne hunting weekend

L'oiseau Moqueur is an essential place for a weekend of traditional hunting in the heart of Sologne. On an exceptional area of more than 500 hectares composed of forests, wooded paths, fields (crops) and ponds, you will meet many pheasants, red and gray partridges, ducks... But also some jays, woodcocks, pigeons and other migrants depending on the season.

Hunting Saturday

Beginning of hostilities 3, 2, 1, let's go!

It all starts around the table… / At the table!
On Saturday, you will be welcomed for a convivial lunch in our large family hunting room. Nothing better than a good meal (and a small glass of wine…) to share your best hunting anecdotes and get to know the hunters who will accompany you during the weekend.

How about we go hunting? / And now, on the hunt!
That's it, the meal is over. Serious things can begin...
Once the safety rules are stated, it's time to go hunting! You will then leave for two big beats where high-flying birds will test your gunshot. After each beat, the hunters meet to draw the table. It's time to see the birds taken (and hear about the missed ones!).

After these two beats, you will follow the advice of the poet Solognot who said:
When evening has fallen
It's time to go to the pond
And see the ducks fall.

That's it, the guns (and the hunters) are warmed up. Time to go shoot some ducks. All gathered around the pond and with well-loaded rifles (without lead, of course), you will participate in an impressive duck levy, followed by a pass at nightfall that the guard's trunk will interrupt when the time is up. come.

After the past, you will return to your rooms to enjoy a short break before dinner. It's time to dry the dogs for those who have them!

After the effort, comfort / A well-deserved dinner.
Your evening will begin with an aperitif by the fireside in the living room of our pavilion. You will then join the large hunting room for dinner. You will then taste typical Solognot dishes under the intrigued gaze of the many trophies from the four corners of the world. After a good meal and a few bottles on the board, you will return to your respective rooms for a good night and above all sweet dreams (of game, no doubt about it!)

Hunting Sunday

Sunday, Lord's Day… But above all hunters!

The breakfast of the valiant.
After such an evening, waking up at 8 a.m. is not always easy... But believe us, it's worth it! Nothing better than a good coffee and a few toasted sandwiches to discover the light fog and the morning freshness of Sologne.

It's 9 a.m., everyone in the yard!
That's it, the dogs are squealing in cars and shaking with excitement. The guard's trumpet sounds, it's 9 a.m.! It's time for the briefing of the day and the draw of the position numbers.

And 1, and 2, and 3 beaten
Your Sunday morning will consist of three magnificent drives. To the right, to the left, in front, behind, overhead... Birds are everywhere, you won't know which way to turn! You will have to be in good shape, reload quickly, and above all explain to your post neighbors not to make too much noise, otherwise all the birds will go to the touts (easier said than done…)

Genets for lunch
It is 12:30 p.m., the three trumpets sounded. We break the guns, it's time to have a bite to eat. At the table (you're starting to get used to it), we do the accounts, we compliment the "swing" of our neighbors, we give each other advice on dog training... in short, we discuss everything and nothing (and above all we enjoy !)

And 2 last ones for the road
Do you have a few cartridges left? That's good, two last beats await you! You will then discover the two “great plains” and their birds which climb ever higher to avoid the fir trees (and your weights of course...).

Hunters, on the board!

Here we are, time to take stock. We gather around the hunting board and we do the accounts. You will then know how many pheasants, gray and red partridges, ducks, miscellaneous… (rabbits?) you have taken. Before leaving, you will of course pick up your basket with the birds you want to bring back (you have to feed the family well!).

Then everyone takes the road to go home.
Ah yes, last advice (for the road), do not leave the hamper with the dog in the trunk… Even exhausted, he could be tempted!